Narayan taila
€ 16,55 to € 13,24 (150 ml)
€ 44,61 to € 35,69 (500 ml)
€ 81,61 to € 65,29 (1000 ml)

A special oil that is both good for Vata and Pitta disorders. Its literal translation is "path of liberation"! Makes physical hand soft tissues so that blockades are lifted and drought persists, the other fights pain by the main part Shatavari that cools. Narayan is a relaxing and rejuvenating oil. Is used as a Rasayana, rejuvenator. Strengthens and cools all dhatu, or body tissues, specifically Majja and Sukra Dhatu. For the body.

Chyavanprash awaleha
€ 25,70 to € 20,56 (500 gr)

Is a general tonic with lots of vitamin C. It works as a Rasayana. Strengthens the heart and immune system. Our Chyavanprash is a 100% natural product. The current batch of our Chyavanprash currently contains sugared honey. Making the Chyavanprash a different structure. You can continue to use this. What is saccharified honey: Good honey will eventually crystallize, which is also called 'candy'. One species does that a bit faster than the other. In the cold, saccharification occurs more quickly. Sugaring is further dependent on the amount of glucose contained in the honey.

Bio Haritaki  (Terminala chebula)
€ 13,40 to € 10,72 (60 caps)
€ 32,80 to € 26,24 (180 caps)

Removes ama and increases the fire back into the body. Haritaki works with poor digestion, bloating. Haritaki is rich in vitamin C. Haritaki regulates Vata.

Bio Vata Melange
€ 4,10 (15 tea bags)

Free for orders above € 65,-

Vata Blend, the aromatic and calming Vata Blend is a joy for body and mind. It has a full flavour which provides delightful relaxation. Vata Blend is calming and head-clearing. Natural ingredients. Free from flavors, fragrances, dyes, sugar and other stimulants such as theine and caffeine. Contains Liquorice root – those suffering from high blood pressure are advised to avoid excessive consumption.