Regulating from Ayurvedisch the point of view oil Vata is, is seen contrary qualities. Quality is greasy, the taste is sweet, sweetens energy the slightly heating (sesamolie), after-taste.

Oil Vata
Greasily dry
Lifts heavily
Less lively
Lift heating
cold Slowly
fast Gently
hard Harsh

Oil concludes the body of all air but also against all external influences which can raise Vata. This way oil helps to rests to come, brings back it people at itself, protects its immunity and reduces the old age process.

The large value of Ayurvedische oil is art oil to prepare with kruiden as a result of which refine their specific quality and you can oil as it were therapeutic with to work.

These medicinal oil its also meant to make redundant dosha diep in the system liquid. This meanss that raised dosha of Vata, Pitta and Kapha on oils fabric level thanks to these in movement returns and this way can leave the body. This is possible only if the body ama is free. This is as a matter of fact the art in the Ayurveda, diepliggende disruptions repairs.

Contra indication for massage:
1) One does not mass at fever
2) If women are indisposed
3) If there are ama in the body
4) Shortly after eating