Charlotte Brumagne – Counseling in Ayurveda

Charlotte BrumagneGood day,

I have been working with Surya Products for over 14 years. I was lucky to start the path of Ayurveda with Vaidya Bhagwan Dash in Firenze. Then, after training as an Ayurvedic Therapist/Massage Therapist in Ghent, working with doctors and therapists and constantly studying, I also followed a Master in Ayurveda at the University of Sant Joan de Deu in Barcelona under the leadership of Vaidya Sudhakar Powar.

The enthusiasm for Ayurveda and its richness is part of my daily life.

Through my close collaboration with Vaidya Sudhakar Powar, who regularly comes to Europe, we have seen that there is an enormous need for individual guidance and support.  

We all need to be committed to make the efforts to leave old habits in order to be able to bring a beneficial change on health, longevity, etc. If we are not ready to change, even the best medicine, yoga or advice will not be of great help.

Finding out what can lead to imbalances and then discovering together a way to personal harmony is what I propose to you during individual meetings.

If you would like to attend a personal session, this can be done at Surya Products in Venray, in Ghent or via a videoconference.
Languages: Français – Nederlands – English – Español

“The body, I thought a disrespectful object
The body, I now found to have a precious meaning
The body, I now realized that God enshrines in
The body, I am now carefully maintaining.”
Siddha Thirumoolar