Ayurvedisch product Chyavanprash awaleha Chyavanprash awaleha

Chyavanprash awaleha

Is a general tonic with lots of vitamin C. It works as a Rasayana. Strengthens the heart and immune system.

Our Chyavanprash is a 100% natural product. The current batch of our Chyavanprash currently contains sugared honey. Making the Chyavanprash a different structure. You can continue to use this.

What is saccharified honey:
Good honey will eventually crystallize, which is also called 'candy'. One species does that a bit faster than the other. In the cold, saccharification occurs more quickly. Sugaring is further dependent on the amount of glucose contained in the honey.

Item number: C8464

€ 20,56 500 gr 500 gr Order

Table content: 500 gr
Packaging: HDPE plastic container without phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA)
Supplier: Surya Products
Allergy Info: n.a.
Excipient: none
Additives: none
Suitable for vegetarians: yes
Organic certificate: no

500 gr€ 20,56Artikelnummer: C8464EAN: 8717496084644

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