Kseerbala taila
€ 13,05 to € 10,44 (150 ml)
€ 34,60 to € 27,68 (500 ml)
€ 63,00 to € 50,40 (1000 ml)

Contains Bala and milk. This oil contains all qualities of the Bala and the special properties of milk. Cow's milk is sweet in taste and aftertaste is refreshing. Milk is considered Rasayana in Ayurveda as the best because of its good recording and tonic qualities, is rapidly absorbed by the Shatu Sukra. For head, body and shirodhara treatments.

Chyavanprash awaleha
€ 25,70 to € 20,56 (500 gr)

Is a general tonic with lots of vitamin C. It works as a Rasayana. Strengthens the heart and immune system. Our Chyavanprash is a 100% natural product. The current batch of our Chyavanprash currently contains sugared honey. Making the Chyavanprash a different structure. You can continue to use this. What is saccharified honey: Good honey will eventually crystallize, which is also called 'candy'. One species does that a bit faster than the other. In the cold, saccharification occurs more quickly. Sugaring is further dependent on the amount of glucose contained in the honey.

Bio Amla (Emblica officinalis)
€ 12,75 to € 10,20 (60 caps)
€ 31,20 to € 24,96 (180 caps)

Amla (Emblica officinalis) is known for its natural source of vitamin C. Amla works rejuvenating and protecting against free radicals. Naturally increases the resistance Indication: Twice a day 1-2 caps with warm water after the meals. Children: half dose. For digestive problems, intake is after the meals, for other situations, intake is before the meals. Children : half Indication Ingredient: Emblica officinalis

Aloe and Cocos shampoo
€ 10,80 (250 ml)

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A natural shampoo made from nutritional herbs to improve the quality of your hair. This shampoo cleans while it also moisturises and restores the natural shine. Aloë Vera rehydrates the hair while Coconut oil is an antioxidant containing antibacterial fatty acids that penetrate deep into the hair structure, conditioning both the hair and scalp. This moisturising shampoo is gentle enough for daily use whereby the hair is kept both manageable and silky soft. • Lets your hair really shine • Suitable for daily use • Cleansing shampoo