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assortiment surya € 37,00 ( 1000 ml )
Abhaya rishta is a very well known in Ayurvedic medicine and is widely used. Good for normal bowel function. Promotes natural bowel movements, bowel function promotes proper bowel function. Promotes bowel ...


assortiment surya € 12,85 ( 60 caps )
Good for the digestive function, protects the stomach lining. Cyperus rotundus is the herb that regulates Pitta and mild laxative.


assortiment surya € 14,30 ( 60 gugguls )
Ajmodadi Batak is an exceptional remedy for removing ama. On the one hand it has the property to increase the digestive fire and on the other hand, it removes the AMA. This ama is often the cause of the ...


assortiment surya € 10,30 ( 100 gr )
Ajwain has a strong flavor similar to thyme. It is essential in Indian cuisine with bread, vegetables, curries and pies. It is also delicious with fish, especially when combined with garlic and lemon juice.


assortiment ojas € 10,80 ( 250 ml )
A natural shampoo made from nutritional herbs to improve the quality of your hair.
This shampoo cleans while it also moisturises and restores the natural shine. Aloƫ Vera rehydrates the hair while ...


assortiment ojas € 10,80 ( 250 ml )
A natural Ayurvedic shampoo made from regenerative herbs to improve the quality of your hair.
Amla shampoo is specially blended for all hair-types. The Amla fruit is full of vitamin C and offers ...


assortiment surya € 13,40 ( 30 ml )
Amrit vindu is strong on the digestive system and is antibacterial. Provides immediate relief from strong stomach acid. Particularly good results in Vata and Pitta doshas.


rishta's en asava's € 37,00 ( 1000 ml )
Ayurvedic tonic that helps to increase the natural resistance. Increases appetite and purifies the blood. Protects the liver and is often prescribed for weakness.


massage olie € 11,95 ( 30 ml )
Oil for the nose, specifically Kapha. To breathe more freely.


rishta's en asava's € 25,90 ( 500 ml )
€ 37,00 ( 1000 ml )
Supports the heart and has a nurturing Arjuna rishta force on heart and blood vessels. Arjuna rishta is also called a heart tonic. Arjuna promotes a good blood circulation rishta.


massage olie € 13,05 ( 150 ml )
€ 34,35 ( 500 ml )
€ 61,40 ( 1000 ml )
Vata oil, invigorating, painful sensation regulatory nerve in the head due to Vata, promotes the functioning of the senses. For the head


massage olie € 13,03 ( 150 ml )
€ 34,35 ( 500 ml )
€ 61,40 ( 1000 ml )
Pitta regulatory oil for the head. With joint problems and Pitta disorders of the senses and the head. For the head.


rishta's en asava's € 25,90 ( 500 ml )
€ 37,00 ( 1000 ml )
Promotes a normal and regular menstruation. Helps in varying moods during the menstrual cycle. Ashoka has a cooling effect. Saraca asoca rishta Ashoka (Ashoka) contains this herb is also mentioned in Ayurveda ...


rishta's en asava's € 25,90 ( 500 ml )
€ 37,00 ( 1000 ml )
Brings back heat in the body, this makes the energy up again. Aswaganda rishta is also called as mental tonic used. Increases the resistance.


massage olie € 20,85 ( 150 ml )
€ 60,00 ( 500 ml )
€ 115,00 ( 1000 ml )
A tonic oil, good for both the physical body and the nervous system. When skinny people it helps in building muscle tissue. Supports the nervous system and exhaustion. Just for the body


assortiment surya € 8,40 ( 30 ml )
Ausad vindu is a traditionnal gargle. Against laryngitis, faryngitis, tonsillitis, toothache, dentinal caries and ulcers in the mouth. Reduces Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas. Can also be applied to pure ...


assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayurbreath creates a relaxed, freer breathing and a functioning immune. Well-functioning airways are essential for strong and comfortable breathing.

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assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayurcomfort promotes a natural and regular bowel movements. The ayurvedic herbs not only stimulate the bowel function but also enhances the internal cleansing. Ayurcomfort promotes a natural and regular ...


assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayurdigest stimulates digestion and encourages internal cleansing. Supports intestinal passage and can be used in case of a bloated feeling.

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assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayurlax has a positive effect on good intestinal function and promotes good intestinal flora. When your bowels are working, is that a feeling of happiness. Therefore it is important to keep your bowels ...


assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayurliv has a positive effect on endurance. Ayurliv purifies the body. Strengthens the body and the immune system naturally.

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assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayurmemory is a natural tranquilizer that increases concentration, memory and your learning performance improves. Ayurmemory has a positive effect on body and mind.

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assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )


assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayurpromen keeps the body of the man in good balance with aging and provides support for a better peeing comfort. To urinate better and frequently.

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assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayursaur has a strengthening influence in the stomach and is very stomach friendly. Supports the maintenance of a normal acidity in the stomach. Ayursaur provides support after eating too much or the ...


assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayurslim supports fat burning, fat storage, and gives more energy. This means that you lose weight in a healthy way and you choose a long term method.

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assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayursouple includes Boswelia serrata, this herb ensures smooth joints. For a good production and manufacture of the cartilage and relaxes the joints.



massage olie € 20,40 ( 150 ml )
€ 58,00 ( 500 ml )
€ 110,00 ( 1000 ml )
This is a combined oil with winter green. Strong smelling, but also strong working oil to treat all the muscles and joints. Restores both Vata, Pitta and Kapha muscles sensitive nature. Local use.


assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayursweet fits into a cholesterol-lowering diet. Has the unique feature to neutralise the sweet flavour of sugar. Ayursweet works as a sugar blocker.

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assortiment ojas € 15,40 ( 60 caps )
Ayurvigo is special tonic for the man which increases vitality. It also has a cleansing, rejuvenating and increasing resistance function. Ayurvigo gives you a young and fit feeling and makes you feel more ...